Top 5 Gate Valve Manufacturers in the USA

09 May,2024

Velan Inc. leads with a reputation for innovation and reliability, offering high-quality gate valves for various industries. 

Moreover, Cameron, a Schlumberger company, specializes in robust gate valves engineered for harsh oilfield conditions. 

On the other hand, Mueller Company stands out for its dedication to water infrastructure, providing reliable gate valves for municipal and industrial use. 

Furthermore, Crane Co. impresses with a diverse range of gate valves suited for HVAC systems and water treatment plants. 

And lastly, Nibco Inc. excels in providing durable gate valves for plumbing, HVAC, and industrial applications, earning trust across the USA for their performance and reliability.

These gate valve brands and suppliers are sought-after companies in the US for various reasons, which we’ll discuss below.

5 Best Gate Valve Manufacturers in the USA

These manufacturers are recognized for their commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, making them among the best gate valve suppliers in the USA.

Top 1: Velan Inc.

Velan Inc. is a leading manufacturer of gate valves with a long history of providing high-quality industrial valves. 

Known for their innovation and reliability, Velan gate valves are widely used in various industries, including oil and gas, power generation, and petrochemicals.

Top 2: Cameron (A Schlumberger Company)

Cameron, a subsidiary of Schlumberger, is a renowned manufacturer of gate valves and other oilfield equipment. 

Their gate valves are engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions and are trusted by oil and gas companies worldwide for their durability and performance.

Top 3: Mueller Company

Mueller Company is a trusted name in the water infrastructure industry, specializing in the manufacture of gate valves for water distribution systems. 

With a focus on quality and innovation, Mueller gate valves are known for their reliability and longevity in municipal and industrial applications.

Top 4: Crane Co.

Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial products, including gate valves. 

Their gate valves are designed for a wide range of applications, from HVAC systems to water and wastewater treatment plants, offering reliable performance and efficient flow control.

Top 5: Nibco Inc.

Nibco Inc. is a leading provider of valves and fittings for various industries, including plumbing, HVAC, and industrial applications. 

Their gate valves are designed for superior performance and durability, making them a preferred choice for contractors, engineers, and facility managers across the USA.

China Gate Valve Manufacturer: Pans Valve

Established in 1985, PANS Valve boasts over three decades of expertise in manufacturing a comprehensive range of steel valves, including:

Situated in Wenzhou, China, their main facility spans 25,000 square meters and employs over 200 professionals. 

With 60 valve series and 100 patents, their valves are certified by major international authorities, meeting or surpassing global standards. 

As members of CNPC, CPEIA, CBW, and CPAC, PANS Valve is committed to delivering top-notch industrial valves for petroleum, chemical, power, LNG, natural gas, and related sectors. 

With an experienced team and customized solutions tailored to industry needs, they have earned the trust of industry leaders across 60 countries, exporting to Europe, America, Asia, and beyond.

To kickstart your business partnership with PANS Valve, simply contact their team today.

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