PANS Valves serves a variety of purposes in the industrial, engineering, manufacturing and scientific communities.

Water System Supply

Water is a resource that must be protected. PANS Valves reduce, detect and protect water against leakage. PANS offers full range of valves. Specialized Valves are designed for the worst watering conditions. The specification of PANS valve-Corrosion resistance- is able to last more than decades.

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & gas companies strive to meet business and performance goals. Constantly changing market dynamics and operational challenges can make it difficult. By partnering with PANS, you’ll have a team of experienced engineers. PANS can design suitabale vales for your plant, while making the most efficient use of your resources.

Chemical Industry
Water System
Other Application

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical plant is a fairly dangerous place as many of its daily operations are governed by extreme temperatures and pressure. This is why valves are essential to the operation of petrochemical plants. They help to control the temperature and pressure of these material fluids as they move around each plant. If you’re on the hunt for specific valves for a specific application, PANS valve Manufacturing is your industry go-to.

PANS, your trusted provider of international-standard valves.

Power Generation System

As a chemical producer, you strive to make plant runs safely and efficiently. But you also face a wide range of challenges unique to your operation. PANS can serve such a diverse industry with selection of steel valves. No matter what valves your project requires, PANS has the right technology and expertise to help you solve.