One-stop delivery of fluid control solutions makes PANS® the world's preferred manufacturing brand for high and medium pressure valves.

Production Equipment

PANS has fully automated production equipments, that able to perform mechanical precision processing and effectively improving the capacity. With continuously introduce new CNC machinery and develop in technology, we are confident to provide reliable products in the competitive marketplace.

PANS, your trusted provider of international-standard valves.

Leading Technology and Excellent Quality

Our engineers in manufacturing steel valves allow us to identify and confront the challenges of an increasingly complex and unpredictable marketplace from a position of strength, driving near- and long-term value as a trusted partner for our customers.



Through its investments, PANS accelerates development through the consistent research and development. Keep being industry-leading valve supplier to solve real customer challenges.


20 Skilled Technicians

PANS has a professional R&D team consisting of 20 professional technicians and a large production team. We closely monitor every stage of the process to ensure that our final products meet standards and requirements.



PANS has ability to perform precise mechanics machining for various materials : duplex stainless steel, various titanium, nickel, chromium and other materials.


Assembly Workshop

PANS delivers control and safety systems in each workshop. Automatic test counters are installed in the assembly department for strict control test before products be sold.