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DBB Plug Valve

1. Structure Form: BC
2. Drive a mode: manual, electric,pneumatic
3. Design criteria: API6D/APT599/BS5353/GB/T22130
4. Structural length standard : APIGD/ASME B16. 10/EN558
5. Flange conneclion sLandard:ASME B16. 5/EN1092/HG/T20592
6. Telding connection standard:ASME B16. 25/B36. 10
7. NPT connection standara:ASME B1. 20.1
8. Pressure temperature rating:ASME B16. 34
9. Inspection standard:API6D/API598
10.Fire protection standard:AP1607


Operating Principle

The connection between the sealing element (slide block) and the cock of the rail-type cock adopts the guide-rail structure. Valves in the process of opening, first through the drive mechanism (design) given cock ascend to a certain height, as the cock, two slider is gradually cock center back to the valve, when the slider seal face completely out of the clearance of valve sealing surface and forms a certain given (design), to continue through the drive mechanism make the cock with slider options 90 ° to open valve.Valves in the process of closing, the first through the drive mechanism make the cock rotate 90° with the slider (valve is closed, but did not form a seal), to continue through the drive mechanism to push the cock, as the cock moves down, pushing the slider to on both sides of the body seal face, until the elastic sealing ring of the slider will be evenly squeeze into the body on both sides of the seal surface, form a seal.

Product Structure Features

1, the middle flange double seal structure rail plug valve is mostly used for aviation kerosene, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, product oil,etc.,because aviation kerosene and other media has a strong permeability and flammable and explosive, in order to prevent leakage of the medium, in the middle flange using o-ring and winding gasket double seal structure.

2.packing seal structure, orbital plug valve spool in the valve switch process, both up and down to move and rotary movement, plus the particularity of the medium,in order to ensure the packing seal safe and reliable use of o-ring and packing combination seal.

3, operating mechanism of the valve and self-locking, the cock valve operating mechanism (screw) adopts unique l-shaped slot structure,move the cock of the axial line and 90° rotation apart, make the valve operation is flexible, lightweight.

4. special processing of key parts, the valve body cavity mechanical processing(grinding), after hard chromium plating treatment, the valve body cavity with corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. After mechanical processing of slide block (before pressing fluorine rubber), the slide block metal sealing surface is treated by hard chromium plating, so that it has the properties of corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. After the mechanical processing of the cock, after nickel plating treatment, the cock and the upper and lower shaft corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance. After rough machining, the valve stem is treated by tempering
and tempering, and the surface hardness is no less than 900HV after finishing, which improves the anti-bite and anti-wear performance of the screw sleeve. The 1-shaped guide groove and the head of the guide key on the screw sleeve are processed and then quenched, no less than 45HRC, which improves the wear resistance and ensures that the guide key can slide freely in the guide groove.

5.Online adjustment and maintenance of packing.The track cock has a window for adjustment and maintenance of packing on both sides of the support.

6.Integral cock structure. The cock of track cock valve adopts integral casting structure. The cock is integrated with the upper and lower axes. When unidirectional compression is applied, ensure the upper and lower axes have enough rigidity, strength and bending resistance.

7. the valve cavity overpressure relief function, the pressure difference is caused by the change of environmental temperature. Double sealed valve in the closed state,the valve cavity of the medium with the increase of the ambient temperature volume expansion, pressure gradually increased, if not timely release the pressure difference, will have a serious impact on the operation of the valve, or even the expansion of the valve crack, to the safety of the system caused serious hidden trouble. Rail plug valves usually have three relief systems.

  • 7.1 manual pressure relief system (for manual operation of the valve). Usually needle-type valves mounted on the valve body. When the valve is closed, open the pressurerelief valve in the middle chamber, and release the medium in the valve body to theupstream of the pipeline or the atmosphere (check the sealing effect of the valve whenreleasing to the atmosphere).
  • 7.2 differential pressure relief system (for manual and electric operation of valves).A piping system with a check valve. Isolation valve often open, when the valve isclosed,through the one-way valve (check valve) in the body of the overpressure reliefto the upstream valve and pipe connected. At the same time, the manual release valvecan be opened to test the sealing effect of the valve. When the valve is opened,themanual release valve must be closed.
  • 7.3 automatic pressure relief system (for electrically operated valves). When thevalve is closed, the pressure relief valve will be opened automatically throgh theoperating mechanism to connect the valve chamber with the upstream of the pipeline orthe outside world.

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