• Slurry Valve

Slurry Valve

1. Design and Manufacture Standard: JB/T8691-2013
2. End Flange Dimension: ASME B16.5.
3. Application Temperature: ASME B16.5
4. Pressure Rate: PN10-25; CLASS150



• Design and Manufacture: JB/T8691-2013;

• End flange dimension: ASME B16.5.


•Mineral Processing

•Power Plant

•Wastewater Treatment

•Paper Industry

•Food Industry

Application Temperature


Pressure Rate




1. Full lined protection

Adopts full urethane lined which is made from whole mold injection, pack medium inside of urethane line in order to protect the valve body.

2. Self-flushing design

Design the seat and disc to be a self-flushing structure, to achieve anti-deposition and anti-block.

3. Disc scraper design

Cavity has disc with scraper cleaning function to avoid caking of disc surface and reduce the resistance of open and closing.

4. Easy replaceable of wear-parts

Easy replaceable of wear-parts, the disc and lined can be replaceable in site.

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