16 Jul,2024

Top 5 Orbit Plug Valve Suppliers of China

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With booming energy, chemical, and industrial markets, China has become a major consumer of advanced valves like orbit plug designs. But amidst hundreds of valve makers, which companies stand out as the Top China orbit plug valve suppliers in the country? I’ve researched and ranked the top orbit valve manufacturers that international buyers should know. […]

13 Jul,2024

What Is The Purpose Of An Orbit Plug Valve?

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Orbit plug valves play an important role in regulating flow across various industrial applications. Let’s explore what makes these eccentric rotating valves unique. What is an orbit plug valve? Industries dealing with high pressures, scaling fluids, abrasives, and spatial constraints often turn to orbit plug valves. Their compact, eccentric rotating design stops bi-directional flow through […]

12 Jul,2024

What Is The Inverted Pressure Balance Plug Valve?

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When handling volatile gases, liquids, or multiphase flows in high-pressure applications, safety and reliability are paramount. Inverted pressure balance plug valves enable secure isolation and flow control across pipelines, preventing hazardous leaks under extreme conditions. Inverted Pressure Balance Plug Valve – Overview Why is it called inverted pressure balance plug valve? Inverted pressure balance plug […]

10 Jul,2024

What Is A Sleeved Plug Valve?

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Used in thousands of industrial flow control applications, sleeved plug valves provide reliable on/off and throttling control over time. But what exactly are they and what sets them apart from other valve designs? Sleeved plug valves might look similar to standard plug valves on the outside, but inside they contain a very different flow control […]

09 Jul,2024

What Is The Difference Between Eccentric Plug Valve And Butterfly Valve?

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Industrial flow control applications often require choosing between eccentric plug and butterfly style control valves. While both throttle fluids, distinct design differences impact performance and suitability for various services. Eccentric plug valves utilize an eccentrically pivoting cylinder to align ports for throttling flow. Adjusting plug position modulates flow with accuracy across an exceptionally wide control […]

08 Jul,2024

What Is An Eccentric Plug Valve?

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Industrial flow control applications need valves that offer precise adjustment and tight shutoff. Eccentric plug valves provide both, with the ability to throttle flow rates across a wide range. Let’s explore how their adjustable design handles demanding services. What is the eccentric plug valve? An eccentric plug valve uses an asynchronously rotating plug to align […]

07 Jul,2024

Top 5 Plug Valve Manufacturers of China

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Industrial valves remain crucial for regulating pipes transporting water, steam, oil, gases, corrosives, food products, and more. China’s expanding infrastructure and exports heighten the demand for reliable flow control.  In this article, we’ll profile five manufacturers driving plug valve technology, customization, and performance at world-class levels for domestic and overseas projects. China’s Valve Industry China’s […]

06 Jul,2024

How To Grease A Plug Valve?

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Plug valves provide reliable flow control across demanding industrial and infrastructure applications. Like other moving parts, occasional re-lubrication maintains ease of operation and prevents wear.  In this guide, we’ll overview plug valve anatomy, proper greasing steps, testing, FAQs, and work with PANS to customize valves to your needs. Anatomy & Operation The signature plug valve […]

05 Jul,2024

What Is The Function Of Plug Valve In Different Industrial?

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In processing plants, power stations, and pipeline networks, managing liquids, gases, slurries, and powders requires dependable valves. Plug valves offer simple yet customizable flow control to suit various industrial duties. In this article, we’ll overview valve with plug, their functionality, benefits, and applications meeting needs across sectors like oil and gas, water, chemical, beverage, pharma, […]