Our Advantages

We provide one-stop product R&D and manufacturing solutions to help partners win business and orders faster.


Specialized Procurement

Looking for special products? With more than 30 years of industry experience, PANS has developed a large sourcing network that enables to find almost all types of valves to meet your specifications and needs.


Specialized manufacturing

PANS has advanced production equipment and experts, apply their knowledge to your advantage. New CNC machinery and latest manufacturing technology delivery more complete solutions for customers based upon our deep industry experience.


One-Stop Service

From start to finish, PANS is here to serve you every step of the way. Service including technical analysis, quotation, technical and price negotiation, production, import and shipment, customs clearance, etc.


Preventive Maintenance

Project management experts will manage online preventive maintenance to help reduce project complexity and mitigate risks. The Maintenance is carried out regularly to keep your plant operating safely.


Replacement Program

PANS's advanced repair and replace service can provide refurbished units to replace obsolete. Remanufactured units meet original specifications, including the highest standards for safety, compliance, and performance.


Emergency Response

Valve failure may occur at any time, PANS makes every effort to support your emergency needs. When you need help, PANS is here. Trained technicians will answer in shortest response time.