Top 3 Industrial Globe Valve Manufacturers Of Turkey

24 Jun,2024

Turkey maintains a growing community of specialized valve and fitting manufacturers serving regional infrastructure needs across industries from oil and gas to urban development. Leveraging proximity to European markets and extensive iron and steel capacity, these valve builders craft robust product lines spanning cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, and alloy valve body materials for demanding services.

In this article, we’ll profile the top globe valve providers driving Turkish valve engineering and production.

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Top 3 Industrial Globe Valve Manufacturers Of Turkey

Industrial Globe Valve Manufacturers – Top 3 Picks

Here are 3 of the best industrial globe valve manufacturers available in Turkey:

1. Adavana

Adavana designs and manufactures pipe system components focused on industrial valves, actuators, filters, and measurement products distributed across Turkey. Their industrial globe valve offering includes compact forged steel and stainless steel control valve models.

They focus closely on customer requirements to adapt valve geometries, connections, actuators, and intelligent control solutions for optimized performance. ISO 9001 quality certification ensures consistency.

For responsive valve engineering and supply for Turkish infrastructure, Adavana delivers capable globe and specialty valve solutions.


GÖVDESAN produces over 100 distinct steel and iron valve patterns, including gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, and strainer configurations serving municipal to heavy industrial applications.

Their globe valve line ranges from low-pressure commercial heating models to industrial forged steel valves rated to PN 100 for steam, oils, corrosive chemicals, and gasses. All valves undergo extensive testing on automated workstations.

With quality certifications from TSE to ISO 9001[1], GÖVDESAN provides Turkish infrastructure with integrated, reliable flow control valves and automation.

3. Valvos

Valvos designs and manufactures industrial valves and actuators for Turkey’s energy, chemical, petrochemical, and general processing industries. This includes their series of three-piece bolted body forged steel globe valves rated up to PN 160.

They emphasize material traceability and nondestructive testing for heat treatment defects to validate strength. This ensures long service despite exposure to thermal shocking, pressure cycling, and corrosion.

For certified and resilient globe valves, Valvos delivers capable performance across Turkish plant infrastructure.

Introduction to PANS

Founded in 1985, PANS specializes exclusively in industrial globe valves and check valves rated up to 1,500 psi for severe service applications. As a globes and checks specialist, their R&D continually advances globe sealing technology and pressure handling capacity.

PANS utilizes complete vertical integration from steel casting of WCB and WC6 valve bodies to computerized machining of components. This ensures strict quality control and rapid customization. They also house China’s largest industrial globe valve testing facility to validate cycles, pressure containment, cryogenic response, and corrosion resistance to international standards.

With over hundreds employees, PANS shipping capacity exceeds 300 ton globe valves annually. Their focus on advancing globe valve performance sees products exported worldwide from China headquarters. For safety, compliance, and innovation in industrial flow control, PANS delivers advanced solutions.

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This overview of leading Turkish industrial valve manufacturers reveals robust in-country sources serving strategic infrastructure growth. But for those requiring globe valves rated beyond 800 PSI, China’s PANS provides advanced globe and check valve solutions rated up to 1,500 psi for global chemical, oil and gas, and related applications. Their R&D continually advances globe sealing technology for severe service safety.

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