Top 5 Industrial Globe Valve Manufacturers of China

24 Jun,2024

Beyond high volumes, Chinese valve makers now compete on advanced materials, quality control, and application expertise – not just low prices. The following five companies lead the charge producing specialized globe and check valves up to 1,500 psi pressure ratings.

Industrial Globe Valve Manufacturers – Top 5 Picks

Here are 5 of the best industrial globe valve manufacturers available in China:

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Top 5 China Industrial Globe Valves Suplliers


The most respected name for industrial globes and checks is PANS, founded in 1985. Over 40 years they have focused exclusively on expanding globe valve technology for the most demanding services.

PANS utilizes complete vertical integration – from the casting of WCB/WC6 bodies to final testing. This ensures strict quality control and rapid customization, with extensive R&D driving new innovations.

They also house China’s largest industrial globe valve testing facility to validate cycles, pressure containment, cryogenic response, and corrosion resistance above international certifications.

Major industries from chemical processing to offshore rigs trust PANS globe valves for flawless safety and performance.

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JONLOO Valve produces a broad range of industrial valves including gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, and specialty designs. Their globes focus on compact patterns for process control skids and instrument manifolds.

Cast steel or bronze bodies with stainless trim provide durability and chemical compatibility. They also offer pneumatic and electric actuation paired with positioners.

While not matching PANS specialized focus, JONLOO is a quality valve brand compliant with API 602 across industrial plant applications.

3. Relia Valve

Relia Valve manufactures control valves for heating, cooling, and general industrial media. This includes compact forged steel globe and check valve models rated up to PN40.

They specialize in optimizing valves for HVAC roles, integrating advanced polymers and clean metal treatments. This provides flow control across commercial buildings with reduced maintenance.

For higher-pressure steam, chemical, or oil systems, other China valve brands offer more suitable industrial-grade constructions. But Relia excels at refined industrial globe valves for HVAC and instrumentation.


VALTECCN produces forged and cast steel valves for the chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, and power industries. Their globe and check valves handle pressures from vacuum up to 4500 psi.

They focus extensively on material testing and qualification to certify valve bodies and components against cracking or corrosion failure. VALTECCN also provides custom actuators, coatings, testing, and configuration.

For high-volume fuel and chemical transfer applications, VALTECCN valve engineering ensures both safety and reliability.

5. Nortech Valve

Nortech designs and manufactures automatic recirculation valves and non-return check valves for the chemical, cryogenic, and energy industries. This includes metal and soft-seated check valve patterns.

They specialize in managing challenging cryogenic flows across fuel gas, petrochemical, and liquid natural gas applications down to -196°C. Custom actuators allow precision control of liquefied media.

For industrial globe valves up to 1,500 psi and specialty check valves, other China valve brands take the lead. But for low-temp automated control, Nortech delivers specialized flow regulation solutions.


This overview of China’s top five globe and check valve manufacturers reveals robust options serving industries from chemical processing to steam power. For optimized industrial globe valve technology and dedication to expanding performance, PANS leads in innovation. Contact PANS today for an international supply of specialized industrial flow control valves.

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