Top 5 Industrial Globe Valve Manufacturers of South America

24 Jun,2024

Serving major growth sectors from oil and gas to chemical processing, mining, and power, the following valve builders craft robust globe and check solutions across South America while delivering localized service and supply chain advantages.

Industrial Globe Valve Manufacturers – Top 5 Picks

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Top 5 Industrial Globe Valve Manufacturers of South America

Here are 5 of the best industrial globe valve manufacturers in South America:


Founded in Colombia, SMART INSTRUMENTS provides specialized control valves to the Andean region and Central America. This includes compact forged steel globe designs for hot/cold water, steam, oils, corrosive chemicals, and process gases.

They focus extensively on control valve engineering for optimized flow regulation, pressure reduction, and process control. This includes intelligent positioners and actuators for precision throttling and rapid response valve networking.

SMART INSTRUMENTS delivers specialized globe valves with localized supply and support throughout Colombia and neighboring countries.

2. South American Valve (Brazil)

Located in Buenos Aires, South American Valve designs and produces industrial valves for Argentina’s oil, chemical, food & beverage, and mining sectors. Their globe valve line spans forged carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel models rated to 800 psi.

They emphasize quality assurance across all production processes while providing extensive customer adaptation. This includes precision CNC machining for specialized valve and component geometries.

For certified and customized industrial globe valves backed by Argentinian service, South American Valve meets expanding infrastructure demands.

3. KLINGER (Austria)

Part of the global KLINGER Group, this Austrian manufacturer specializes in metal-seated ball, butterfly, and check valves capable of handling abrasive and corrosive materials without leakage up to 830°F.

Their unique metallic bellows seal construction provides benefits over elastomeric seals for dry, high-temperature powders and bulk solids across the chemical, food, and mining sectors regionally.

KLINGER Austria delivers innovative flow control solutions tailored for particulates and high-temperature applications throughout South America.

4. Vaportec (Florida)

Vaportec produces specialized industrial valves, including triple offset butterfly and eccentric plug designs for optimized flow control. This helps minimize process variability across chemical plants, refineries, oil and gas infrastructure, and power systems.

They focus on integrating smart positioners and actuators to enable precision valve control. This allows remote setpoint adjustment, data monitoring, and automated networking.

For intelligent flow optimization solutions with Brazilian-localized service, Vaportec delivers innovation to process industry valves.

5. Strong Valves (Brazil)

Located in Brazil, Strong Valves manufactures industrial valves and forged steel fittings primarily for the chemical, petrochemical, and mining sectors across Brazil. This includes forged steel globe and gate valves rated up to 1,500 psi.

They emphasize quality control through extensive product testing both internally and via external labs and inspectors. All manufacturing processes adhere to ISO 9001 standards.

Strong Valve’s globe and gate valves deliver reliable, lab-certified performance tailored to Brazilian industrial plant infrastructure demands.

About PANS

Founded in 1985, PANS specializes exclusively in industrial globe valves and check valves rated up to 1,500 psi for severe service applications. Their R&D continually advances globe sealing technology and pressure handling capacity through vertical integration – from steel casting to CNC machining optimized components.

PANS globe valves serve global chemical, oil and gas, power generation, and general industrial plants requiring flow control to 1,500 psi and higher. Their focus on expanding globe valve performance sees products exported worldwide from China headquarters. For advanced globe and check solutions, PANS delivers safety and reliability.

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This overview of leading South American industrial valve manufacturers reveals in-region options serving flow control needs across strategic growth industries with localized supply and engineering support. Those requiring globe valves rated beyond 800 psi may also consider China’s PANS – a globe and check valve specialist serving global chemical, oil and gas, and high-pressure steam applications.

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