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Plug valves are a type of valve that is used to control the flow of fluid in a pipeline. Plug valves are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and brass. They are also available in a variety of styles, including sleeved plug valves and lubricated plug valves. We offer a wide range of sleeved plug valves,lubricated plug valves and dbb plug valve to meet the needs of a variety of applications. Our valves are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles to meet your specific requirements.

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About Pans--Plug Valve Manufacturer

Zhejiang Zhedong Valve Corp., Ltd 's roots date back to 1985. Then known as PANS. The company has over 30 years professional experience in producing full range of steel valves, such as plug valve, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, etc. The main facility locates at Wenzhou, China and has more than 200 employees and a modern industrial park with a total area of 25,000 square meters.

With 60 valve series and 100 pantents, Our valves are certified by most of international authorities. As one of CNPC, CPEIA, CBW, CPAC members. We are committed to achieving the highest standards for producing industrial valve that meet or exceed international standard.

PANS, your trusted provider of international-standard valves.

A Complete Guide to Plug Valve

A plug valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve that uses a tapered or cylindrical plug to control the flow of fluid. It is commonly used in high-pressure and temperature services where quick operation is required. There are different types of plug valves, including lubricated and non-lubricated designs, as well as balanced and eccentric plug valves. The lubricated plug valve has a cavity in the middle along its axis for the supply of sealant, while the non-lubricated design does not require external lubrication. Plug valves can also be equipped with actuators for automated operation.

Types of Plug Valves

Plug valves come in various types, such as:

  • Lubricated plug valve
  • Non-lubricated plug valve
  • Balanced plug valve
  • Eccentric plug valve
  • Double-block and bleed plug valves

Applications of Plug Valves

Plug valves are widely used in various industries due to their versatility and ease of operation. Here are some of the key applications of plug valves:

  • Plumbing and HVAC systems: Plug valves are commonly used in domestic and commercial plumbing applications, controlling the flow of water and waste in pipes.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems: Plug valves are essential components in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, regulating the flow of fluids and gases in machinery and industrial equipment.
  • Chemical processing and oil and gas industries: Plug valves are used in chemical plants and oil refineries to control the flow of hazardous or volatile substances.
  • Water treatment and wastewater management: Plug valves are employed in water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities to regulate the flow of water and sewage.

Choosing the Right Plug Valve: Factors to Consider

When selecting a plug valve for a specific application, several factors need to be considered, including:

  • Fluid type and characteristics: The valve material and design should be compatible with the fluid being handled, considering factors like viscosity, acidity, and abrasiveness.
  • Flow rate and pressure requirements: The valve's capacity and pressure rating should match the expected flow rate and pressure of the fluid.
  • Temperature range: The valve material should be able to withstand the operating temperature of the fluid.
  • Leakage prevention: For applications where leakage is critical, double-block and bleed valves or specific valve designs may be necessary.

Plug Valve Working Principles

A plug valve uses a plug with a through hole as a component for the opening and closing. The plug rotates with the valve stem to achieve opening and closing actions. It is a quick-opening straight-through valve with a wiping effect between the sealing surfaces, making it suitable for media with floating particles. Plug valves also have the advantage of being designed for multi-port pipelines, simplifying the design of the piping system.

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